The Swedenborg epic

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Main Sources

Documents concerning the Life and Character of Emanuel Swedenborg, collected, translated and annotated by Rudolph Leonard Tafel, London, Vol. I, 1875, Vol. II, in two parts, 1877.

The Collection of Swedenborg Documents and the Chronological List of Documents, compiled and arranged by Alfred Henry Stroh and Sigrid Odhner Sigstedt. Manuscript in eight folio volumes, in the Library of the Academy of the New Church, Bryn Athyn, Pa.

Letters and Memorials of Emanuel Swedenborg, translated and edited by Alfred Acton, Bryn Athyn, 1948.

Swedenborg and his Scientific Reviewers, translated and edited by Alfred Acton, in The New Philosophy, Bryn Athyn, Pa., 1929-1933.

"Swedenborgs Födelseort och Dop"; "Swedenborgs Ekonomi"; "Swedenborg som Södersbo," articles by F. G. Lindh in Nya Kyrkans Tidning, Stockholm, 1914-1927.

Swedenborg in Deutschland, by Ernst Benz, Frankfurt-am-Main, 1913.

New Church Life, Bryn Athyn, Pa., 1895-1948, articles by Carl Th. Odhner, Alfred Stroh, S. C. Odhner Sigstedt, Alfred Acton.

The State Archives, Sweden, Bergskollegii Protokoller och Bref och Suppliquer, 1717-1737; Präste-Ståndets Enskildta Handlingar vid Riksdagen 1769-1770; Acta Ecclesiastica, Religionsmål, Swedenborg; Kongl. Majts. Justitiae Revisions Protokoller och Registratur för År 1770.

Main Works of Emanuel Swedenborg 
A Selected List

(For details see James Hyde, A Bibliography of the Works of Emanuel Swedenborg, London, 1906.)

Opera Poetica (1700-1740), Upsala, 1910.[ Only partially translated into English.]

Camena Borea (The Northern Muse), Greifswalde, 1715.[Only partially translated into English.]

Daedalus Hyperboreus (The Northern Inventor), Upsala, 1716-18. [Only partially translated into English.]

Motion and Position of the Earth and the Planets (Skara, 1719), London, 1900.

Height of Water (Upsala, 1719), Scientific Treatises, Bryn Athyn, 1908.

Prodromus Principiorum Rerum Naturalium, Amsterdam, 1721 (Chemistry, London, 1847).

Miscellaneous Observations (Leipzig, 1721, 1722), London, 1847.

Philosophical and Mineralogical Works (Dresden & Leipzig, 1734), Vol. I. Principia, London, 1912, Vol. II. On Iron,[ Only partially translated into English.] Vol. III. On Copper, London, 1938.

On the Infinite (Dresden & Leipzig, 1734), New York, 1908.

The Cerebrum (De Cerebro, ms., 1738-1740), Philadelphia, Vol. I, 1938, Vol. 11, 1940.

Economy of the Animal Kingdom (Oeconomia Regni Animalis, London & Amsterdam, 1740-1741). Vols. I, II. New York, 1903.

The Fibre (ms. 1741), Philadelphia, 1918.

The Rational Psychology (ms. 1742), Bryn Athyn, 1950.

The Brain (ms. 1743, 1744), I. & II, London, 1882.

The Animal Kingdom (Parts I & II, The Hague, 1744), London, 1843-4. (Part III, London, 1745), The Senses, Philadelphia, 1914. Parts IV & V, (ms.), Generation, Philadelphia, 1912.

Worship and Love of God (London, 1745), Boston, 1914.

The Word Explained (ms. Adversaria, 1746-7), Vols. I-VIII, Bryn Athyn, 1928-1948.

The Spiritual Diary (ms. Memorabilia, 1747-1765), London, 18831902, Vols. I-V.

Arcana Coelestia (London, 1749-1756, Vols. I-VIII), New York, 19091915. [Standard English editions of this and the following works listed are available, The Swedenborg Foundation, West Chester, PA].

Earths in the Universe (London, 1758).

Heaven and Hell (London, 1758).

The Last Judgment (London, 1758).

The New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrines (London, 1758).

The White Horse of the Apocalypse (London, 1758).

The Apocalypse Explained (ms. 1759), Vols., I-VI.

The Athanasian Creed (ms. 1760).

The Internal Sense of the Prophets and Psalms (ms. 1761).

"The Four Doctrines" (Of the Lord, Of the Sacred Scripture, Of Life, Of Faith, Amsterdam, 1763).

Continuation of the Last Judgment (Amsterdam, 1763).

Divine Love and Wisdom (Amsterdam, 1763).

Divine Providence (Amsterdam, 1764).

Apocalypse Revealed (Amsterdam, 1766).

Conjugial Love (Amsterdam, 1768).

A Brief Exposition of the Doctrine of the New Church (Amsterdam, 1769).

Intercourse of the Soul and the Body (London, 1769).

The True Christian Religion (Amsterdam, 1771).