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Theological Works of Swedenborg

That He Did Not Publish

(But were published posthumously by other people)

Arcana Coelestia Index
Apocalypse Explained
Athanasian Creed
Canons of th New Church
Consummation of the Age
Conversation with Calvin
Conversations with Angels
De Conjugio (Marriage)
De Domino
De Verbo
Divine Love
Divine Wisdom
Ecclesiastical History
Five Memorable Relations
Formula Concordiae Index
God the Savior
Gad and Asher
Invitation to the New Church
Last Judgment Posthumous
Marriage Index 1
Marriage Index 2
Miracles and Signs
Nine Questions
Precepts of the Decalog
Prophets and Psalms
Scriptural Confirmations
Specimen and Sketch
Spiritual Diary (Spiritual Experiences)
Spiritual Diary (Spiritual Experiences) Minor
Word Explained 

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