from Robert H. Kirven, "A Concise Overview of  Swedenborg's Theology, (Appleseed & Co.MA 2003)

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Title Reference List

Abbreviations New Titles Previous Titles When Different  
SH Secrets of Heaven Arcana Coelestia  
HH Heaven and Hell    
NJ New Jerusalem    
LJ Last Judgment    
WH White Horse    
OP Other Planets Earths in the Universe  
LO The Lord Doctrine of the Lord  
SS Sacred Scripture Doctrine of Sacred Scripture
LI Life Doctrine of Life  
FA Faith Doctrine of Faith  
DLW Divine Love and Wisdom    
DP Divine Providence    
AR Revelation Unveiled Apocalypse Revealed  
ML Marriage Love Conjugial Love  
SUR Survey Brief Expositions  
SBI Soul-Body Interaction Intercourse between Soul and Body
TC True Christianity True Christian Religion  

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