from WL Worcester (H Blackmer, ed.), 
The Sower.  Helps to the Study of the Bible in Home and Sunday School
(Boston: Massachusetts New-Church Union, n.d.)

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Bible Stories and Their Inner Meaning. A Family Study Guide

by W.L. Worcester

 Introduction and Abbreviations & Authority


These wonderfully-written and family-friendly lessons provide a practical help to teaching children  the stories of the Bible and those teachings' symbolic spiritual sense, as revealed in the teachings of Jesus Christ's Second Coming.  The lessons are particularly useful for busy parents who want to provide adequate spiritual instruction for their children but don't have time to do extensive preparation on a regular basis.  Every lesson is presented at primary, intermediate and advanced levels, so there is something for children of all ages. This multi-level feature also means that in a family with children over a range of ages, the same story can be taught to all of them at once, with something appropriate for each age level.

Abbreviations & Authority

The theological works of Swedenborg are referred to by the following abbreviations:  Those in boldface are books that Swedenborg published himself, and appear to be fully authoritative Divine revelation.  The remaining books, which he did not publish, do not appear to be such revelation. For details, see "Which of Swedenborg's books are Divine revelation?"  The most frequently cited unpublished works in Worcester's books here are Spiritual Diary, abbreviated "D." in the text references, and Apocalypse Explained, abbreviated "E." in the references.

A.  Arcana Coelestia
C.J. Continuation of Last Judgment
D. Spiritual Diary (Spiritual Experiences)
E. Apocalypse Explained
F. Doctrine of Faith
H Heaven and Hell
I. Interaction between the Soul and Body
J. Last Judgment
L. Doctrine of the Lord
Life Doctrine of Life
M. Conjugial Love (Marriage Love)
N. New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine
P. Divine Providence
P.P. Summary Exposition of the Prophets and Psalms
R. Apocalypse Revealed
S. Doctrine of the Sacred Scripture
T. True Christian Religion
U. Earths in the Universe
W. Divine Love and Wisdom
W.H. The White Horse

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