from Brian Kingslake, Angel Stories (Worcester, England,  Arthur James, Ltd., 1982)

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The Duet

When I was a little boy, a celebrated pianist once came to our home, to discuss the program of a future concert with my father who was an orchestral conductor. I was sitting quietly on the floor playing with a toy, listening to them talking.

After a while my father went out of the room to fetch something, leaving me alone with the great man. He had long hair and a round face and cleft chin, and looked quite different from ordinary people; but he was very kind and called me to him. He enquired my name, and then asked if I played the piano. I said "Yes, a little bit," and added modestly that I had made up a piece myself. He said, "Won't you play it for me?" so I climbed up on to the piano stool and started picking out the notes of a very childish effort.

Then a wonderful thing happened. The Visitor leant over me from behind, and, with one hand in the treble and the other in the bass, began weaving a glorious harmony of sound around my simple melody. "Go on!" he said encouragingly, and I went on, playing better than I had ever played before. My father came hurrying into the room to see what was going on. At first he was horrified that I was showing off in the presence of this world-famous musician; but I said, "It's all right, Dad! The man is playing duets with me!"

Well, it was true. The man was playing duets with me! Admittedly my own part was rather insignificant, but it was there. My new friend was listening carefully to it, fitting his accompaniment to it with consummate skill. Not once did he overwhelm me or drown me out. It was a DUET.

You may think that the melody of your life is not worth much. It probably isn't, if you are playing solo. But let God put His tender arms around you, and play on the keyboard with you, and the most glorious harmony will result. He won't overwhelm you or drown you out. It will really seem as if you are the music-man. But the glory will come from the Master.

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