from Brian Kingslake, Angel Stories (Worcester, England,  Arthur James, Ltd., 1982)

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The Guitar

Here is a Spanish Guitar. It is compact and sensitive like a living creature. Hold it in your hands and feel it vibrating to every little sound in the air around it. You have only to breathe on it and it responds. Tap it and it trembles with expectant joy! And if by good luck you are able to play it, then you will find it will resonate to the music deep in your soul and express your every mood and feeling.

Can't we be like that Guitar in the hands of God, perfectly in tune and awaiting His divine touch? We provide the framework of notes: E A D G B E. But the melody must come from above.

The Lord sits plucking at our strings. Sometimes the music He evokes is profoundly melancholy, sometimes it is violent and stormy, sometimes gay, sometimes a melody of haunting beauty. Through all the ever-changing circumstances of our lives, the music will match precisely to our needs. We shall feel His fingertips upon us, and must instantly respond.

O divine Musician, take me up as an instrument in your hands. Tune my strings, and play upon me as you will. Help me to keep in perfect pitch, never slackening in my response to your touch. Give me a good rich tone, and may I resonate sensitively, so that others may hear YOUR music through me, and glorify you, my Master.

Without you, Lord, I am only a queer-shaped empty box with strings attached. Inside me is nothing but darkness. But, with you playing upon me, I can radiate joy and peace and healing to all with whom I come into contact.

Touch me now, O Lord, so that your life may fill me and overflow into the world around. Thank you!

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