from Brian Kingslake, Angel Stories (Worcester, England,  Arthur James, Ltd., 1982)

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"Get in your lane!"

Spanning the river near our house is a one-way traffic bridge. On this bridge are three lanes. All traffic on the left-hand lane must turn left, which is toward the cemetery. All traffic on the middle lane must go straight on - which takes you to the city centre. All traffic on the right-hand lane must turn right - which leads to the airport.

If you want to go to the airport, it's useless to be on the left-hand lane; there is no crossing over when you are once on the bridge. From the left-hand lane you will end up in the cemetery, whether you want to or not! Therefore, all travelers are advised to get into the correct lane before they reach the bridge. Never wait for a crisis situation before deciding how to act, for when you are actually on the bridge it's too late.


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