from Brian Kingslake, Angel Stories (Worcester, England,  Arthur James, Ltd., 1982)

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Royal Blood

I want to share with you a charming story I heard of our Queen when she was a little girl. I have not checked up on its authenticity, but it is so characteristic and so memorable that I am sure it must be true!

The story goes that the little princess Elizabeth and her sister Margaret were traveling from Buckingham Palace to Sandringham in a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce. It was a hot day, and, as they were passing through a small village, Elizabeth asked the driver to stop so that they could buy an ice-cream. The little girls went into the shop together and got their cones. The shop lady was somewhat taken aback by their poise and gracious bearing. She said, "You children must be somebody! Who are you?"

"Oh," said Elizabeth, "We are nobody in particular. But our father is the King."

We are nobody in particular, but our Father is the King of kings! In myself, I am of no importance whatsoever. Most of the troubles we get ourselves into are due to an inflated ego - taking ourselves too seriously. Whether it is boasting, or running yourself down, it's all the same. Maybe we feel hurt because we are undervalued; or, on the other hand, we may try to be modest and say, "Oh, we are not worthy of this or that". Heavens! What do we think we are worthy of? We are none of us worthy of anything, if we are being assessed for our own importance.

But, in view of the fact that our Father is the King, we are very important indeed! That is something to be proud of, isn't it? We are princes and princesses, all of us. Stand erect, my friend! Hold your head high! Don't let anyone sell you cheap! Don't sell yourself cheap!

You are great, not because of yourself, but because of Him. You are on your way to Sandringham. You will travel lightly and easily to the Royal Palace, where you will enter your inheritance and live happily in your Father's presence forever.

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