For Heaven's Sake, by Brian Kingslake

from Brian Kingslake, "For heaven's sake. Forty-six variants on the theme: how to react to the conditions of life on earth in such as way as to prepare oneself for life in the kingdom of heaven (Christopher: North Quincy, MA, 1974)





For Heaven's Sake!

by Rev. Brian Kingslake

Table of Contents

1. "For Heaven's Sake!"
2. Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory
3. The Gospel of New Beginnings
4. Being Special
5. Your Image of Yourself
6. Who's Going to Hell?
7. It's All Too Simple!
8. Shock Tactics
9. Jesus Christ - Redeemer or Psychiatrist?
10. The Law and Grace
11. Freedom
12. Divine Guidance
13. Practicing the Presence of God
14. Ego Food
15. Worry and Anxiety
16. Jesus in the Boat
17. The Invisible Providence
18. Our Daily Manna
19. Reinhold Niebuhr's Prayer
20. Creative Suffering
21. Meditation and Prayer
22. Miracles and Magic
23. The Cripple at the Pool
24. He Needed a Donkey
25. Treasure Hid in a Field
26. Whose Yardstick?
27. Changing Altitude
28. Savoring the Things of God
29. God-Forsaken
30. Dead and Alive
31. The Verdict Is - GUILTY!
32. Looking Down One's Own Throat
33. Sin, Forgiveness and Salvation
34. Danger - Beware of Covetousness
35. The Sun Standing Still
36. David's Sling-Shot
37. Digging Ditches
38. Resist Not Evil
39. Forgive Yourself
40. At the Receiving End
41. Am I My Brother's Keeper?
42. Salt
43. Peculiar People
44. The Best Left Till Last
45. On Growing Old
46. The Tree of Life

To preface