The Second Coming of the Lord, by Chauncey Giles

from Chauncey Giles, The Second Coming of the Lord (Philadelphia: Lippincott 1903)

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The Lectures which compose this volume have been published at the request of many persons who heard them. It was thought by those in whose judgment the author has much confidence that they throw some light upon the subject to which they relate, and which is exciting great interest in the Christian world at the present time; but no more than its intrinsic importance demands.

An attempt has been made to show that the principles formulated in the doctrines of the New Church, and contained in the writings of Swedenborg, give us a rational and practical solution of the Second Coming, which is in entire accordance with the whole of Scripture, correctly understood; with the purposes of the Lord in the creation of man, so far as they can be known from reason and Revelation; and with the nature of man and of his relations to the Source of his life, and the conditions on which alone he can work out his destiny.

There is no difficulty in stating these doctrines. They are as distinctly enunciated as are the principles of natural truth in the most rigidly scientific treatise. But they are so remote from common opinion, and the point of view is so different from the one usually taken by those who have written upon the subject, that to gain a fair hearing it seemed necessary to take some common ground and lead up to a spiritual position from which alone, it is believed, the prophecies concerning it, and the question itself, can be understood. But it is exceedingly difficult to do this. To enter fully into the subject would require volumes. The most that the author has any hope of accomplishing is to give some hints of the new doctrine, and to point out the direction in which we may reasonably look for a clear exposition of it. If the publication of the Lectures give the help to those who may read them which their delivery seemed to promise, or if they encourage those who are waiting for the Second Coming with the hope that the time and manner of it may be understood, they will perform a use sufficient to justify their publication.

As it was the purpose of the author to gain a hearing for principles which were not familiar to many minds, there will be found some repetition of facts and illus­trations. They seemed useful in speaking to an audi­ence at intervals of a week or more, and it is hoped that they may help the reader to a clearer knowledge of the subject.

The author has no interest in any theory of the Second Coming, as such. He only desires to know the truth about it, and to watch, as we are commanded to do, that he may recognize and welcome the Lord in whatever guise and manner He may come. Believing most heartily that He is coming in the power and glory of spiritual truth, to institute a New Age in which all the promises of prophecy and the purposes of infinite love will be carried into effect, he desires to give to others, as far as possible, the grounds of his belief and the joy of his hope.

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