from Brian Kingslake, "Inner Light: Swedenborg Explores the Spiritual Dimension (J. Appleseed & Co. : Boston, MA 1991)

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Biography of Brian Kingslake

Brian Kingslake was born in London in 1907. Teen-age studies of the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg led him to decide to enter the ministry of the Church of the New Jerusalem—a protestant body that emphasizes the Divinity of Jesus Christ, the spiritual interpretation of the Bible, and the continuation of life after death. But first he wanted to see something of the world, so he travelled, often vagabond-fashion, from Lapland in the north to Zululand in the south. Returning to England in 1930, he entered the New- Church Theological College and was ordained (and married) in 1934, after which he occupied several pastorates in the north of England. He toured Nigeria in 1945-6, and was for twelve years a missionary in South Africa, serving also as Principal of the Mooki Memorial College for African ministers in Soweto, near Johannesburg. He subsequently spent eleven years in the U.S.A., finally as minister of the Church of the Holy City in Washington, DC. He spent his retirement in Bath, England.

The author of For Heaven's Sake!, and Out of This World! said of the present work, "I am presenting you here with my own personal interpretation of the whole corpus of New Church doctrine, distilled from a lifelong acquaintance with Swedenborgian thought thought, but expressed in my own terms."