For Heaven's Sake, by Brian Kingslake

from Brian Kingslake, "Inner Light: Swedenborg Explores the Spiritual Dimension (J. Appleseed & Co. : Boston, MA 1991)



Table of Contents


Part I: A Pivotal Man

Foreward: A Pivotal Man

1. Life of Swedenborg: I. The Scientist
2. Life of Swedenborg: II. Seer and Revelator

Part II: The Divine Operation and Spiritual Realm

3. God the Creator
4. The Natural and Spiritual Worlds
5 Heaven and Hell as States of Being
6. Ruling Love Determines the Path
7. Self-Judgment Rather than Divine Judgment
8. Answers to Tough Questions on Life After Death
9. Sex and Marriage (in Heaven, too)

Part III: New Light on Traditional Doctrinal Categories

10. The Redemption of the World From a Flood of Evil
11. Was Jesus Man or God? The Divine-Human
12. The Trinity: Aspects of One Divine Essence
13.  Salvation the Goal, Regeneration the Process
14.  The Flow of the Divine Providence
15.  Prayer: Talking With God
16.  Recovering the Ancient Inner Sense of Scripture
17.  The Meaning of "Church"
18 . Ancient Sacraments Eternally Effective: Baptism and The Holy Supper

Part IV: The Church in the Modern Era

19. A Spiritual History of Earth: Five Epochs
20. The Last Trump Has Sounded!
21. The Lord Has Come Again!
22. Why a New Church?
23. Swedenborgian Organizations
Epilog: "The Pipeline"

The books of the theological writings of Swedenborg

Biography of Brian Kingslake

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