For Heaven's Sake, by Brian Kingslake

from Brian Kingslake, "Inner Light: Swedenborg Explores the Spiritual Dimension (J. Appleseed & Co. : Boston, MA 1991)

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"Now it is permitted to enter intellectually into the mysteries of faith."
(The True Christian Religion no. 508)

We are happy to bring out a revised and updated edition of Brian Kingslake's masterful introduction to the Swedenborgian Church and its teachings, first published in 1981. Shortened in a few places and dressed with a new title, the text has been brought up-to-date primarily in the area of gender-based language. Wherever possible, without violating the writer's distinctive style, an attempt has been made to use inclusive language. Most references to God, however, have been left alone, since all substitutes for "the Lord" or "the Father" would involve a de-Personalization of God that would be untrue to the author's perspective.

James F. Lawrence, Editor

The online version of this book has been reviewed to assure its compatibility with the fully inspired works of Swedenborg's revelation.  For details, see "Which of Swedenborg's books are Divine revelation?"

Kurt Simons
The Swedenborg Digital Library

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