Out of this world

 from Brian Kingslake, "Out of This World! Lay-bys on the Road to Heaven (James: Evesham Worc.,  England, 1978)



Out of This World! Lay-Bys on the Road to Heaven

by Brian Kingslake

Table of Contents

Foreword and Introduction

Note on Angels and Devils

1. Hope and Despair

2. The Spiral Way

3. A Free Offer

4. Praise God!

5. Are you Afraid?

6. Forgive and Forget

7. "The Torments of the Damned"

8. Pleading Guilty

 9. Blame Nobody but Yourself

10. Spiritual Washing

11. Purged with Fire

12. The Yoke of Submission

13. Pride and Humility

14. The Oyster Technique

15. Hold On!

16 ."God's in His Heaven . . ."

17. Predestination and Free Will

18. Making Choices

19. Right Hand, Left Hand

20. A Branch of the Vine

21. The Spiritual Family

22. Meeting God

23. Do we Need Church Buildings?

24. The New Ecclesia

To Forward and Introduction