Perfect Prayer: How Offered, How Answered, by Chauncey Giles

from Chauncey Giles Perfect Prayer. How Offered: How Answered  (Philadelphia: Lippincott 1903)


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Perfect Prayer.
How Offered: How Answered

by Chauncey Giles

Table of Contents

I. Efficacious Prayer

II. Nature and Use of Prayer

III. Hypocritical and Vain Prayer

IV. Conditions and Nature of Genuine Prayer

V. The Proper Object of Worship

VI. Hallowing the Lordís Name

VII. The Lordís Kingdom: What It Is: How to Pray For It

VIII. Doing the Lordís Will in the Earth as in Heaven

IX. Daily Bread: What it is: How to Pray for It

X. The Forgiveness of Sin

XI. Temptation: Its Cause, Nature and Use

XII. Deliverance from Evil: How to Pray for It, How to Obtain It

XIII. The Kingdom, Power, and Glory of the Lord; What They are, How We Can Ascribe Them to Him

XIV. Summary View of the Lordís Prayer: The Logical Relation of the Special Petitions

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