from Chauncey Giles, The Sanctity of Marriage (Philadelphia:  American New-Church Tract and Publication Society, 1904 (copyright 1896))

Table of Contents


The Sanctity of Marriage

by Rev. Chauncey Giles

Introduction and Table of Contents

Like a Dickens novel, this work by Chauncey Giles unfolds slowly at first, as he sets the stage for what is to follow.  His prose style, like other writers of his day, is also sometimes  more complicated than we're used to.  But for the reader with a little patience there is great reward in this remarkable man's inspiring and insight-filled discussions of the teachings of the Word on this subject.  In the space of this short book he paints a picture that stretches from  its background in the nature of God to the practical principles of building a marriage that will last to eternity in heaven.

1. The Origin, Nature and Sanctity of Marriage

2. How True Marriages are Formed

3. The Ministry of Marriage in Regeneration

4. Resurrection and Marriage

5. Marriage in Heaven

6. The Marriage of the Soul with the Lord