The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine, by Emanuel Swedenborg

from Emanuel Swedenborg,, The  New Jerusalem
and its Heavenly Doctrine
(New York:  Swedenborg Foundation, 1951)


The  New Jerusalem
and its Heavenly Doctrine

By Emanuel Swedenborg 
(First published, in Latin, 1758)


The new heaven and new earth, and what is meant by the New Jerusalem (1-7)

Introduction to the Doctrine (8-10)

Good and truth (11-27)

The will and the understanding (28-35)

The internal and external man (36-53)

Love in general (54-64)

The love of self and the world (65-83)

Love towards the neighbor, or charity (84-107)

Faith (108-122)

Piety (123-129)

Conscience (130-140)

Liberty (141-149)

Merit (150-158)

Repentance and the remission of sins (159-172)

Regeneration (173-186)

Temptation (187-201)

Baptism (212-209)

The Holy Supper (210-222)

The Resurrection (223-229)

Heaven and Hell (230-240)

The Church (241-248)

The Sacred Scripture, or the Word (249-266)

Providence (267-279)

The Lord (280-310)

Ecclesiastical and civil government (311-325)

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