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Other New Christian Literature

Reobert Kirven. A Concise Overview of Swedenborg's Theology Bible Stories and the Inner Meaning.  A Family Study Guide, by W. L. Worcester
One of the best introductions to the Second Coming and Swedenborg yet written..  Lively text in bite-size pieces.

An inspiring brief overview of  Jesus' return  and Second Coming

A scholarly but highly readable study guide, with discussion questions and organized readings.

Originally titled The Sower. Graded readings, for kids and adults, on the Bible and its spiritual symbolism, or  "correspondences"
How I Think of Immortality, by Edwin Markham Swedenborg, by Edwin Markham Children in heaven, by Chuancey Giles Jesus Christ: A Reflection.  by Chauncey Giles
A famous poet provides some new and inspiring perspectives on this fundamental question  A poem by Edwin Markham (1852-1940) who wrote "The Man with the Hoe" and "Lincoln, the Man of the People" A comforting review of how children are raised in heaven by angels who love them - with thoughts for raising children here A short, thought-provoking introduction to who Jesus is and what He really did for all of us, taken from the teachings of His First and Second Coming
A Compendium of the Theological Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg (Revised) The Sanctity of Marriage, by Chauncey Giles The Swedenborg Concordance, by J.F. Potts Our Duty to the Children, by W.L. Worcester
This classic summary uses direct quotes and demonstrates the huge range of topics revealed in the teachings of the Second Coming  Written a century ago and still an inspiring and thoughtful reflection on building a beautiful marriage 

 The sections of this massive topical reference to the theological works of Emanuel Swedenborg that are currently available online

Another classic: a brief overview, full of nuggets of wisdom, of parenting like it ought to be 

Out of This World, by Brian Kingslake Perfect Prayer: How Offered, How Answered, by Chauncey Giles Angel Stories, by Brian Kingslake Evolution, by Chauncey Giles

More of Kingslake's provocative and wide-ranging thoughts

If you want to learn how to talk with and relate to Jesus, this book is a good place to begin. Explores the deeper meaning of the Lord's Prayer

What kind of wise stories might angels tell children?  Maybe like these. 

A pertinent-as-ever elegant analysis of the evolution theory in the light of the teachings of the Second Coming

The Swedenborg Epic, by Cyriel Sigstedt For Heaven's Sake, by Brian Kingslake The Nature of Spirit and Man as a Spiritual Being, by Chauncey Giles

A definitive, and very readable, biography of Swedenborg and his role in the Second Coming


The language is old-fashioned but this classic provides a lot to think about on this important topic

A collection of  Kingslake's always lively, thought-provoking, and brief articles on the life that leads to heaven.

Giles' classic on how dying works and details of the life after death:  inspiring and thought-provoking

Gwynne Dresser Mack, The Big Adventure Marguerite Beck Block. The New Church in the New World The Second Coming of the Lord, by Chauncey Giles Documents Concerning the Life and Character of Emanuel Swedenborg, by R.L. Tafel
Answers to childrens' questions about their lives and the worlds around them, both spiritual and natural.

 The definitive social history of the organized "New Church" in Great Britain and the US

A classic review of  the prophecies and the process of Jesus' Second Coming

Tafel's exhaustive collecton of primary sourcei material about Swedenborg



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