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The Books of Jesus Christ's Second Coming,
Published by Emanuel Swedenborg

The True Christian Religion, by Emanuel Swedenborg The Divine Love and Wisdom, by Emanuel Swedenborg Divine Providence, by Emanuel Swedenborg Marriage Love, by Emanuel Swedenborg
The central concepts of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ all in one book Who God is and how creation works, at both the spiritual and natural levels

How exactly does God run the universe, including all the events of our lives?  He follows a very specific set of laws

God's full explanation of how to achieve the greatest of all human happiness - in the marriage of one man and one woman

Arcana Coelestia, by Emanuel Swedenborg The Doctrine of the Lord, by Emanuel Swedenborg The Doctrine of he Sacred Scripture, by Emanuel Swedenborg The Doctrine of Life, by Emanuel Swedenborg
The 12-volume core work of the Heavenly Doctrines, covering doctrinal concepts large and small, and a travelogue of what Swedenborg saw in his travels in the spiritual world. The Lord God Jesus Christ is a Man, one Man, and He came into the world to do some remarkable spiritual things. This books is a brief overview of both subjects.

God's Word differs from all other documents because it has a spiritual inner sense.  This sense is what makes it Divine, and the opening of that sense at the Second Coming completely changes our understanding of it.

A brief summary of the basics of what's involved in living a good life

The Doctrine of Faith, by Emanuel Swedenborg

The Apocalypse Revealed, by Emanuel Swedenborg

The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine, by Emanuel Swedenborg The Last Judgment, by Emanuel Swedenborg
"Faith is an internal acknowledgement of truth," the quotable quote opening this brief work, which goes on to explain that you can't truly believe unless you are truly kind Explanation of the inner spiritual meaning of this remarkable book, allowing its symbolism to at last be understood.

A compact but detailed summary of the basic teachings of the Heavenly Doctrines

A brief summary of this massive event, which changed the relationship between this world and the next

Continuation of The Last Judgment, by Emanuel Swedenborg

A Brief Exposition of the Doctrine of the New Church, by Emanuel Swedenborg

The White Horse Mentioned in the Apocalypse Chapter 19, by Emanuel Swedenborg Interaction Between the Sould and Body, by Emanuel Swedenborg
More about the Last Judgment and the state of various groups in the Spiritual World An analysis of doctrinal mistakes in traditional Christian dogma

A review of the concept of the inner spiritual sense of the Word, with the White Horse in Revelation 19 used as an example

Explanation of how spiritual reality and physical reality meet, beginning with the relationship between the suns of both realms.

The Earths in the Universe, by Emanuel Swedenborg

Heaven and Hell, by Emanuel Swedenborg

Swedenborg's reports of his interviews with spirits from planets in our solar system and in another galaxy The details about life in both places, from clothing and daily life to marriage in heaven

A translation of Swedenborg's inspired works that is noteworthy for being done under the auspices of a major publisher


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